Platysace Lanceolata – Shrubby Platysace



Platysace lanceolata, commonly known as shrubby platysace, is a shrub species that is native to south-eastern Australia. It grows to 1.5 metres high and has leaves that are 10 to 50 mm long and 4 to 5 mm wide.

Platysace lanceolata belongs to the same family of herbs as the Flannel Flower and the common celery. It is an erect, bushy shrub 1-1.5m high, abundant in woodland and dry sandy heaths on sandstone. There are two varieties of the lance-leaved platysace.

  • Sun/ part shade
  • Small shrub or ground cover
  • Height up to 0.2-0.3m
  • Loamy, Sandy loam, clay loam, potting mix
  • Flowers – Spring – Summer
  • Attracts – Bees & butterflies
  • Tolerates light frost.

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