Eco-Friendly Seedling Starter Kit Oldman Saltbush


Eco-Friendly Seedling Starter Kit

Best thing about these starter kits everything is biodegradable, growing your own natives at home for your garden.

  • Great For Corporate Gifting
  • Great to grow in schools and childcares
  • Great to grow at home for your garden


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Eco-Friendly Seedling Starter Kits

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Oldman Saltbush

Propagation instructions

  1. Soak Oldman Saltbush seed overnight in water.
  2. Once ready to sow the seed, place tablet in warm water in a container. Once they have expanded, pour excess water out.
  3. Spread coir pellet around in pot.
  4. Place seeds in pot and cover lightly with the coir.
  5. Keep in a sheltered position where it can receive morning sun, gradually exposing to full sun.
  6. Keep moist until germination.
  7. Once seed is germinated, you can plant in next size pot or plant in your garden.
  8. Ensure pot is under soil level, push down gently and water well.



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Eco-Friendly Seedling Starter Kit

Oldman Saltbush Seedling Kit