Thornless Raspberry ‘Peter’s Thornless’ PBR


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Rubus rosifolius Cv. Peter’s Thornless PBR – Description
Peter’s Thornless is a cultivar of the native raspberry, Rubus rosifolius, that arose from a chance wild selection. As the name indicates it has the advantage of being thornless and is the only known thornless variety of Australian native raspberry. The big benefit for home gardeners is that a thornless raspberry is a pleasure to harvest! The berries on Peter’s Thornless produces in Spring, from August to November and are red and pleasantly flavoured.

The leaf tips of Peter’s Thornless can also be used as a mildly flavoured tea similar to Japanese green tea. Analysis indicates the tea of Peter’s Thornless contains healthy
antioxidant compounds. Peter’s Thornless is evergreen and adaptable to various situations from full sun to semi-shade. It can handle a range of soil types and likes moderate soil fertility. It benefits from watering during dry periods especially when fruiting. Mulching is also beneficial, and it can be grown in large pots if required for patios.

Peter’s Thornless has a scrambling shrubby form up to 1 m. high. It produces new canes from the root system and these bear fruit the following fruiting season.

This is a must have for the home gardener, bushfood enthusiasts, Childcare Centres and Schools.

  • Full Sun / Part Shade
  • Height 1 – 2 Metres Width 2 Metres
  • Well Drained , Sandy Soils
  • Flowers – Winter, Spring
  • Attracts – Bees, Insects
  • Self Pollinating
  • Edible Fruit, Fruits 1st Year

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