Native Grape – Cissus hypoglauca


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A vigorous woody large vine with attractive glossy palmate leaves, new growth is red coloured. It bears umbels of yellow flowers in spring and summer, followed by blue-black berries, which though edible, can sometimes have an astringent aftertaste. Birds and possums appreciate the seeds, and they can be used to make jam. Can be grown as an indoor plant, as well as used as a climber, but beware as growth can be rampant, especially in moist shady areas. Native to moist areas of eastern states of Australia. The other common name of water vine came from the ability of thick sections of trunk to drip water, which can be drunk.

Family: Vitaceae
Scientific Name: Cissus hypoglauca
Common Name: Native Grape
Other Common Names: Water Vine
Plant Type: Climber
Height: 4 ~ 5 metres
Width: 1 ~ 5 metre
Flower Colour: Yellow
Flowering Time: Spring, Summer
Ph Level: Acid, Neutral
Soil Type: Clay, Loamy, Sandy loam, Clay loam
Plant Environment: Indoor, Container growing
Climate Zone: Tropical, Sub-tropical, Warm temperate
Light: Light shade, Half shade, Heavy shade
Growth Habit: Evergreen
Lifespan: Perennial
Soil Moisture: Moist moderate drainage
Frost Tolerance: Tolerates light frost
Plant Usage: Screen, Windbreak
Special Uses: Decorative fruit, Fast growing
Attracts Wildlife: Seed eating birds, Mammals

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