Mountain Pepper – Tasmannia lanceolata (Sold in pairs only – Male 300mm pot and Female 200mm pot)



Tasmannia lanceolata is native Tasmania, this evergreen shrub with it’s peppery leaves and reddish stems is named for the hot-tasting leaves. Bunches of small, creamy white or pale yellow flowers appear in late winter and early spring, followed by fruit that turns black when ripe. Can be used as a hedge or screen, or as a feature in the garden. It’s best way to grow mountain pepper is to purchase male and female plants. Can tolerate full sun, but prefers partial shade especially when afternoons are hot. Once planted, water regularly to establish especially on hot days. Prune lightly in Spring to maintain the natural form.

The male is required to provide pollination for fertile viable berries. The leaves from both male and female plants can also be used for flavouring a wide range of dishes, both sweet and savoury.

Height: 3-5m Width: 3-4m

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