Kennedia Rubicunda



Kennedia rubicunda, commonly known as the dusky coral pea, is a species of flowering plant in the family Fabaceae, endemic to Australia. It occurs in the states of Victoria and New South Wales and Queensland

A versatile and hardy native climbing variety originating.
Can be used as a groundcover, or to climb walls, fences, buildings, embankments, posts etc.
Will attract nectar-loving wildlife to your garden.
Fast growing – will need to be monitored and contained within small gardens.
Drought tolerant once established.
Will tolerate mild frosts.
Useful for erosion control.
Position: Full sun to semi-shade.
Foliage: Oval-shaped leaves in groups of three.

Flowers: Magnificent Dark Red flowers in Spring. Height: Stems can grow up to 4 metres in length

Propagation Instructions

Dusky Coral Pea
1. Boil water and place in a bowl to soak the seed
2. Place coir tablet in a container with warm water.
3. Once the coir tablet has expanded, pour excess
water out of the container and transfer the coir
into the peat pot.
4. Place seeds in pot and cover lightly with the coir.
5. Keep in a sheltered position where it can receive
morning sun, gradually exposing to full sun.
6. Keep moist until germination.
7. Once seed is germinated, you can plant in next size
pot or plant in your garden.
8. Ensure pot is under soil level, push down gently
and water well.

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