Kangaroo Grass Seeds – Themeda triandra


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Themeda triandra is a perennial tussock-forming grass widespread in Africa, Australia, Asia and the Pacific. In Australia it is commonly known as kangaroo grass.


Themeda triandra seeds mostly germinate in mid summer, but will still germinate in early autumn. Autumn is generally considered the best sowing time as soil surfaces tend not to dry out as quickly as they do in spring. Because the seeds are fairly large (each seed weighs about 10 mg), they will emerge from about 15 mm in most soil types. Press wheels to firm the soil around the seed are an advantage. If the seed is broadcast then it should be lightly covered with harrows. This species can be sown at about 1 g/m² which would mean about 100 seeds/m² if each seed weighs about 10 mg. If T. triandra is sown in drill rows, seeds should be about 20 mm apart to give a rapid cover within the rows. About 50 g of seed/100 m drill row will give this seed density.

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