Correa alba

Correa alba

Common name: White Correa – Correa

  • I grow best: Full sun/Part shade
  • Height up to 70cms
  • Sandy soils
  • Flowers – late Autumn to Winter
  • Attracts – butterflies & insects
  • Edible leaves and stem
  • Eastern Suburb Banksia Scrub

Looks like: Is a neat medium sized bush with grey-green leaves with silver backs and white star flowers.

Habitat: It is native to eastern coastal regions of Australia from northern NSW to Tasmania and eastern South Australia. Coastal gardens, as it likes sandy soils and will resist salty winds. Likes a sunny spot, but will also grow in part shade, though flowering will be lessened. It responds beautifully to pruning, and can be shaped for formal uses. Also good in containers. Flowers in late autumn to winter with small white blooms.


Traditional uses: With its cinnamon smell and flavour, White Correa is best enjoyed brewed in tea.