Backhousia anisata

Backhousia anisata

Common name: Aniseed Myrtle

I grow best: Perennial/ Full sun

·  Tolerates light frost & drought tolerant

·  Height up to 35 metres

·  Sandy soil or soils with drainage

·  Does well in pots

·  Many cultural uses

·  Attracts – bees, nectar eating birds, butterflies and other insects

• Eastern Suburb Banksia Scrub

Looks like: Aniseed Myrtle can be pruned to size or grown in a pot if needed. It is a plant with glossy dense foliage and clusters of large, creamy, fluffy flowers in summer. The leaves are aromatic with an aniseed-liquorice taste. A hardy plant , it can be planted in any soil type, is happy in full or part shade, and tolerates light frosts. Grows to around 10m in cultivated and 35m in rainforest environments, Aniseed Myrtle can be pruned to size or grown in a pot.

Habitat: Open forest, coastal dunes, Blue Mountains all states around Australia

Traditional uses:  Many species produce abundant nectar, which has been used by Aboriginal people throughout Australia
to make a sweet drink.