Prostanthera incisa

Prostanthera incisa

Common name: Native Thyme

  • I grow best: Full sun/part shade
  • Drought tolerate
  • Height up to 2m,
  • width 1m
  • Edible leaves (for drinking tea, and cooking)
  • Attracts – birds, bees, other insects
  • Eastern Suburb Banksia Scrub

Looks like: This plant grows fast, reaching up to 2m tall and wide, thought it can be easily kept in a pot with regular pruning. It’s a great little shrub for gaps, hedges, screens, ornamental features or posies. This species prefers warmth and moisture. Grow in full sun or part-shade, and water generously in Summer. Be sure to choose a freely draining soil, as Native Thyme is susceptible to root rot when waterlogged. Enjoy the attractive foliage of this evergreen shrub all year, with a burst of small purple flowers in Spring. P. incisa is a type of native mint once used as a medicinal herb, but now more commonly features in cooking and herbal teas. It’s a highly aromatic shrub, rich in essential oils, giving off a minty aroma when crushed or rubbed.

Habitat: This shrubby plant is found throughout NSW along the coastline, in sheltered rainforest margins, beneath sclerophyll forest trees, and around the Central Tablelands.


Traditional uses:  To harvest, just pluck fresh leaves off the growing plant, or prune whole stalks at a time. Both leaf and stem may be used — fresh, or chopped and dried for later use. Just remember the flavour will fade over time after harvesting. Great flavoursome herb for chicken, fish, emu, roo and lamb dishes. Both the leaves and flowers have minty qualities, and may be steeped in hot water to make a herbal tea.