Billardiera Scandens

Billardiera Scandens

Common name: Hairy Apple Berry

  • I grow best: Part shade/half sun
  • Perennial, Height up to 1.5m
  • Frost & drought tolerant
  • Ground cover/climber
  • Sandy soil/adaptable
  • Flowers – Spring
  • Attracts – Bees, Nectar eating birds, butterflies & insects
  • Edible fruit
  • Eastern Suburb Banksia Scrub

Looks like: Scrambling shrub with climbing branches, silky hairy new shoots. Leaves, are narrow  ovate. Flowers on a long tube greenish yellow to cream in colour. Hairy fruit long and cylindrical.

Habitat: Open forest and woodland Coast and Ranges all around Australia


Traditional uses:  Aboriginal people ate the fruits of this climber. They are best eaten as they ripen and fall from the vine. The tough leaves were used to weave dilly bags and make baskets.